Rent out your car in Moldova.

Our company invites vehicles’ owners to join our partnership program for car renting. This is a great option for everyone who has a car and for some reason doesn’t use it all the time. We offer profitable cooperation with our company, thanks to which each car owner can become our partner and make some additional income.

Any automotive enthusiast knows that the car breaks down while standing in the garage, so we offer you the opportunity to rent your car in Chisinau.


Why rent a car?

Many people who don’t have their own cars need to move in a big city. Whether you need to drive to work, on vacation or for a holiday, you always need a car. Rental services are often used by tourists. It is much more comfortable and convenient to move in your own mode, regardless of public transport or taxi. Our car rental service in Moldova will help you do that.


What cars can take part in the program?

You can become a partner if you have a car of any make, economy, medium or business class. The main condition is your car’s aspect, which must be good-looking and clean. The condition of each vehicle is evaluated in our office.



It is obvious that every car owner takes care about vehicle’s safety.

We guarantee that with us your car will be safe. When we sign a contract, a GPS sensor is installed on your car and it is monitored around the clock by our partners - the security agency "Bercut".



You can rent your car under contract with us. We sign an agreement with all partners, which stipulates:

  • Terms of cooperation;
  • Rights and obligations of both parties;
  • Responsibilities of both parties;
  • Terms of payment;
  • Other terms of the contract.

We do not have standard or rigid conditions for cooperation. Each contract is individual, so that the relationship between our company and vehicle’s owner is convenient for both parties.



The payment system in our company is very flexible. We are able to pay you after each car’s order, monthly or according to any other schedule convenient for you. All these points are negotiated and discussed in advance.

The rental price is calculated based on:

  • make;
  • class;
  • state;
  • age;
  • demand for a car in the market.

The car owner's commission is 70%, all payments are made on time and within the conditions of signed contract.

To rent your own car in Chisinau is not only safe, but also very profitable!

We invite you to cooperate with our agency EasyCar SRL, so that you can turn your car into an investment get a guaranteed income!